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“We’re Not So Far Apart” Opening Reception

Please join OTHERS ARE US and the IS 190 School Community for the opening celebration of

“We’re Not So Far Apart”

An exhibition of art created and exchanged by the sixth grade students of IS 190 and the children of the Fabretto Center in Esteli, Nicaragua, during their school-year long exploration of each other’s lives and cultures through Project EMBRACE*

A special word to the children by Commissioner Galen Kirkland, New York State Division of Human Rights

Opening Reception Tuesday, June 15th from 10AM to Noon.
Exhibition will be on view from June 15 through June 25
Hours: 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

RSVP: 212-595-6814 or by June 13, 2010

Project EMBRACE engages young people from different backgrounds, cultures and beliefs in an extended exploration of who they are, how they live and the problems they face. Their ideas and thoughts are recorded in drawings and paintings and shared through technology. Our goal is to promote intercultural communication, understanding and cooperation as the norm in our rising generation of global leaders.

Fresh produce brought to our children and families courtesy of the Hunts Point Alliance for Children through a donation by Heather Mills Food Program


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CASITA Presents with Bronx River Art Center: Independent Artists

Independent Artists

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On Saturday June 19th at 4:30PM please join us for a FREE traditional African dance performance by Independent Artists, a multicultural dance group.

Independent Artists:
Sandra Passirani – Dancer
Nathalie Dispagne – Dancer
Jenny Efremova – Dancer
Myriam Gadri – Dancer
Julien Kanor – Dancer
Myriam Salmon – Dancer

Independent Artists are a multicultural dance group whose members hail from Europe, Africa, and the Caribbean. Avid participants of modern, urban, and African dance forms, they met as members of N’zassa, a New York-based Nigerian dance company. Independent Artists’ members are Jenny Efremova, Sandra Passirani, Nathalie Dispagne, Myriam Gadri, Julien Kanor, and Myriam Salmon. They have studied, interpreted, and danced on stages around the world. The members have a distinct understanding of the spiritual evolution of West African dance forms, through performance, academic study, and teaching. Whether through ritual or presentation, their global backgrounds give the audience an experience that expands beyond choreography. The members aspire to continue the spiritual evolution of African dance into the future.

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Profile: Hope Paul

Hope Paul is in 6th grade at the Choir Academy of Harlem. She is twelve years old.  Hope Paul seems very happy and has many great dreams/goals. She has a great head on her shoulders and is heading in the right direction. Hope’s personality and dreams have really warmed my heart so thank you Hope Paul. I hope she accomplishes all of her dreams!

Please read my interview below and get to her know her a little better!

Q: What are your short- term goals/dreams?

A: Hope states that she wishes to finish middle school and get a job.

Q: What do you wish to learn in school?

A: Hope wants to learn about world’s history and how to play different types of instruments.

Q: What would you do with your money you get from your dream/goal to get a job?

A: Hope states she would like to buy more clothing, games, and things for her family. She also wants to help the people who live on the streets.

Q: Who do you live with at home?

A: She says, “I live with my mom, dad, two sisters, Jamila and Jasmine, and two brother, Jonah and Isacha.” She says that she loves when her oldest sister, Sade and her nephew Isaiah come to spend the night.

Q: What do you want to be when you grow up?

A: Hope states that she would like to be a singer because everyone loves her and they tell her that she sings well. She also wants to be a doctor, an artist, a chef, a teacher, and the president of the United States.

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