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Jasmine Robinson’s Thoughts on Painting with Pictures

Painting with Pictures, the current art exhibit, at Casita Maria is very creative. As I walk through the show, I become more and more interested. There are many different styles, mediums and cultures. Some of the questions I asked myself while viewing the show were: what did the artist want to say? What does the piece of art mean? Who’s the artist? What is the artist’s purpose? What was the artist’s inspiration? How long did it take? Did the artist ever want to give up? I love that the show leaves me with so many questions about each piece.

Deciding upon my favorite piece is a difficult choice. When I left the show, two pieces lingered in my mind. I think of them as a set.The two paintings are as opposite from each other as black and white. One of the two is beautiful. It isn’t a painting of anything specific. It’s a mural full of different types of bright pinks, with different areas of black, purple, blue, green, orange, yellow, and white. In my opinion the painting is full of life. It’s beautiful. It made me feel warm inside. The second painting is the exact opposite, it’s specific. The color is a wood brown. There’s a young child on the floor, laying lifeless.  There are what looks like spirits of people all around him. The painting is dull and emotionless. It almost makes me sad, but when I see this painting I think of the beautiful pink mural. Just like when I think of black I think of white.

I wish I could have the opportunity to thank each artist in person. I also wish that everyone could experience the kind of sensations the show stirred in me, particularly the rushing sense of curiosity.  I urge everyone to come see the show!

– Jasmine


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